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That's right! Ideas & Links To Trending Reels All At Your Fingertips For The Holidays

Tired of knowing what type of content to create around the holidays. Especially when it comes to IG Reels.

You know Reels are important for growth & engagement but you may be thinking...

"Can someone just give me a play-by-play here?!?"

Enter- The Holidays Reels Guide!

The Holiday Reels Guide includes 50+ content ideas, links to trending Reels so you can mimic, and a list for each holiday of top songs to use.


It is a no-brainer if you want to grow your page & sell products this holiday season.

Oh and by the way, when we say 'holiday season' we mean Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, & the New Year...

Reel ideas for All the holidays, All for free.

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I'm Stetson Patton, a.k.a Socially Stetson & I'm here to help you become more confident with Instagram

I've been able to help my clients grow their accounts, get sales, and scale their business just through engaging posts, copy, and DMs. The algorithm is your friend if you let it!

Since IG is loving Reels so much, I've decided to create this amazing Holiday Reels Guide for you that includes 12 content ideas that are ready for you to create! Each content idea has 3 links to Reels you can mimic and pull the sound from. This guide can be used year-round but will be best used for the Holiday season from Thanksgiving to the New Year.

Happy Holidays and Happy Posting!

Let's Grow, Stetson


p.s. to see what everyone else is posting, check out the hashtag #thesocialholiday

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