Tips on How to Create Engaging Instagram Stories

Stories. The backbone of Instagram. 

Prove me wrong!

When you open IG what’s the first thing you do? If you’re anything like me, you check the latest round of stories. I want to see what my favorite peeps and products are featuring today! And that’s what makes IG stories so popular, it’s what is hot and happening this very second. 

And by popular, I mean - ½ million users post on stories every day. 

So let’s review a few quick tips to make sure your stories are engaging and effective!



Text, stickers, filters, and more! The editing capabilities from this tiny pocket-size phone are endless when it comes to posting your stories. But let’s be clear, don’t use all the options. No one needs a fireworks display of animation, colors, tags, and locations. Engage the user, don’t exhaust them. 



Raise your hand if you’ve been waiting for a friend, killing time on IG, and can’t listen to what the post is saying so you scroll on. Captions! Now users can read what you’re saying, with or without the sound, enticing them to stay on your account instead of scrolling by! 



Stories are on your profile for a short 24 hours UNLESS you add your story to a highlight! Creating a highlight is a great way to keep users on your page, or help them refer back to a service or product you’ve mentioned before. 



When you want to engage with your followers but aren’t ready to personally be in it - use the Create feature. There are a ton of options to post to your stories and not only get to know your followers but increase your engagement. Ask a question, take a poll, post a quiz, do a countdown, and more! 


And that’s just the start of it folks. There are a ton of fun and engaging ideas to make sure your posts are effective in reaching customers and growing your online connections. Post a story this week and tag me at @stetsonkpatton so I can see what you create!


Grow your connections, Grow your socials, Grow your business!


Let's Grow, 



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